About Us

Your visit to our email The store proves that you are practical and
a personality interested in modern technology. EuroLed.lt offers to test LEDs
products and see for yourself the benefits of LED lighting, such as:
1. Lower energy efficiency. (LEDs
bulbs use 75-80 percent. less energy than older incandescent bulbs).
2. Longevity.
3. LED lamps do not contain toxic mercury.
4. These lamps are less hot.
5.LED light can be dimmed.
EuroLed.lt can offer you a wide range of goods and quality-price ratio
corresponding production. We only work with certified manufacturers whose products
has a high LED efficiency. If you did not find it in the catalog of our offered goods
If you are interested in a product, write to info@euroled.lt and we will definitely find a solution to the problem.
LED lamps sold by EuroLed.lt are available for 12-24 months. warranty.
The activities of the e-shop EuroLed.lt are legalized in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Worked on an individual basis
activity certificate no. 085652 with VAT code issued by the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania.
Save with EuroLed.lt because we believe that the money spent on paying for expensive electricity can be
use for much nicer things.